We co-invest capital with private equity operators and deliver specialized solutions typically only found at large financial institutions, but with the personal touch, you would expect at a boutique firm.

Co-Investing Capital

As an investment manager and advisory firm we strategically allocate capital to buyout and recapitalization style private equity transactions by co-investing alongside a proprietary network of private equity operators and institutional funds. We also invest in real estate by acquiring sale-leaseback properties with the objective of obtaining steady income and growth. We often work with private equity firms as they execute transactions and we invest in high-quality, operationally-critical commercial real estate leased long-term to their portfolio companies.

Benefits Due Diligence

As a partner in your success we offer complimentary due diligence reviews during acquisition, ongoing strategy, and prior to the exit. We understand the unique and complex exposures of private equity firms. You experience not only the risks involved in running your own firms but also your portfolio companies. Your investment portfolios inherently include an array of exposures. Some are easily identifiable while others may be deeply recessed or newly created by management missteps or new legislation.

Our private equity clients appreciate having a pro-active who understands the dynamic of the industry and takes a uniquely consultative approach.

401K Plan Management

Your portfolio companies can rely on our expertise to provide creative ideas and trusted and fiduciary guidance when creating, merging, and administering their corporate benefit plans. Our fully disclosed fee-for-service model is truly aligned with the interests of our clients as we operate as a named fiduciary for every plan we serve. We win when our clients win. We offer plan fee benchmarking & analysis, Investment selection, monitoring, and reporting,  Investment policy creation and monitoring,  Provider selection and cost analysis, Ongoing provider assessment and due diligence reviews, Plan merger & termination assistance, Plan administration best practices

Due to many years of industry relationships, as co-investor and advisors, we know private equity firms and portfolio company management teams maintain a strong focus on cash flow, profitability, and increasing enterprise value. So any discussion about changes has to be driven by cost-effectiveness.

When working with private equity operators or PE-owned companies, we provide truly consultative solutions. We want to ensure that your portfolio companies have a strategic foundation driving a successful liquidity event.


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