"We are founding our firm by bringing together years of past institutional asset management, private equity investment, and business ownership experience, combined with our entrepreneurial, independent, and boutique vision. We believe our clients need advisers who understand what it takes to build businesses and have the first-hand experience in managing risks, growing wealth, and protecting the financial legacy."

Co-Founders of Redmount Capital Partners

December 2014. Newport Beach.

Armen A. Grigorian

Founding Managing Partner

Armen serves as the primary advisor to a limited number of successful entrepreneurs and business families. Since 1994, he has had the privilege of working with clients as they transformed from business owners to business families and to business dynasties, along the way helping them evaluate and execute numerous key events such as selling or buying businesses, debt and capital strategies, transitioning business and wealth or setting asset allocation and investment strategies.

Establishing a valued relationship with the client is essential for Armen and he believes that quality advice requires an in-depth understanding of client's priorities and strategy, combined with absolute discretion and access to instituional-class resources and specialists.

Started career at RBC Centura Bank in 1993 as a branch-level commercial banker. In 1994, founded a boutique firm to serve as a U.S. middle market private equity, private debt and property investment correspondent for a handful of European-based family offices and global financial groups, including Nomura, Deutsche Bank and Daiwa. After a rapid business growth, in 1998 made his firm part of Lehman Brothers, continuing to lead it, now as part of a $300 billion financial group, to provide strategic financial counsel and private equity, sale-leaseback and debt capital to companies and entrepreneurs in the middle-market space. In 2002, separated his business unit from Lehman Brothers, continuing to grow its as an independent financial strategy advisory and asset management firm.

Grigorian is a recognized contributor on the subject of family influenced businesses, specifically on the complex topic of nurturing, protecting, growing and transitioning a business while caring for the family and its financial legacy. He regularly publishes articles on this subject and is a highly-regarded speaker at various family influenced business or family office conferences and events. 

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Curtis E. Hollowell, CPFA

Founding Managing Partner, Chief Compliance Officer

Curtis provides thoughtful advice and valuable resources to meet the demanding needs of today’s small to medium sized businesses. Curtis is currently Redmount’s practice group leader for corporate retirement plans and also serves as the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer.

Curtis enjoys finding creative solutions to the complex issues corporate plan sponsors face in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

Curtis is actively involved in the Juvenile Diabetes Association and is currently the Vice President of Special Kids Interested Parents, a local charity serving the needs of children with autism and learning disabilities.

Started his career in 2004 with US Bank, offering bank customers access to investment and capital markets. In 2008, started his pension and retirement plan investment advisory business on the platform of Principal Financial Group and growing it into a leading Southern California regional player. In 2015, merged the business to co-found Redmount Capital Partners.

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Free to see the big picture and think long-term

Independent partnership-owned firm that has achieved a high level of financial sophistication.

Founded by leveraging business ownership, private equity, and institutional asset management experience.

Enabled to understand what it takes to build and grow business interests over time.

Business-owner focused, helping clients grow businesses and financial enterprise.


Our modern portfolio oriented investment philosophy is founded on the Nobel Prize-winning work of Dr. Daniel Kahneman which considers risk not as a financial concept but as the risk of not being able to meet your objectives.


We believe that the core aim of any portfolio should be to achieve long-term sustainable growth. And that this can best be achieved by holding assets for long periods of time.


It pays to spread your investments over a range of asset classes for one very simple reason; the performance of every asset fluctuates.


It’s easy to underestimate the effect portfolio costs can have on investment performance. Even additional costs of just 1% or 2% can impose a significant drag on the value of your assets over the long term.


By creating both core portfolios and satellite strategies, such as alternative investments, for our clients we ensure they share in the benefits of both active and passive strategies.