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Economic Data Library

Below charts are a source of visual illustration of key economic factors shaping economy and the markets.

Real U.S. GDP Growth Rate Indicator. 


U.S. Corporate Profits



U.S. Inflation Rate Change


U.S. Industrial Production Index


Leading U.S. Economic Indicator Index


U.S. Temporary Employment

Temporary employment total U.S. number is perhaps the most overlooked yet one of the best leading indicators of economic downturn.


Interest Rate Spread Between U.S. Government and BBB-rated Corporate Bonds

Key indicator of the level of confidence investment community has in investment-grade corporate debt safety.


U.S. Long- and Short-term Interest Rate Differential


U.S. Federal Reserve Balance Sheet


St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index


New Housing Starts Permits


U.S. Commercial Property Prices


US GDP to Wilshire 5000 Market Capitalization